About the RRC:

RRC is an independent, private, nonpartisan research center, inter alia with the focus on interdisciplinary research in Social Sciences

Our Team:

We are a group of the researches of different background primarily devoted

-to further research in social sciences,

-to share their own experience with other colleagues and wider communities

-to learn much more through interaction with other colleagues and wider communities

Aims and Mission:


To contribute to world peace and peace and stability in Central Asia

To make social sciences more human(needs)-oriented

To help uphold human dignity and inviolability of human rights


Provide independent opinion on current events;

Provide quality research for government, non-governmental, and international organization;

Provide the platform for knowledge dissemination and feedback

Support research in Social Sciences through reviews of recent theoretical debates and organizing seminars and workshops in quantitative and qualitative research methods.


e-mail: info[at]reflections.kz

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